Annex is a twin-stick shooter game where player has to hook (MK Scorpion style) and combine with enemy in order to transform and damage them. When transformed the player can "break away" that form to use as a screen-clearing bomb.    

How to play

At the start of the game, you will be a grey tank that cannot shoots. You will need to hook other enemies to transform and be able to shoot. Note that red/blue bullets are effective only with same-color enemies.

After you transformed to the colored form, you can press [SPACE] to use a screen-clearing bomb. However, it will break your current form.

If you are in red or blue form, you can hook an enemy with a different color to upgrade to purple form which shoots bullets that can damage enemies with any color.

Clear all the enemies to proceed to the next level!

Development Team

Dan S. (@Tobalation)
Sia S. (@siabalahaha)
Warat K. (@winwanwon)


Download 25 MB
Download 34 MB


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Really cool idea, the mechanics were really easy to pick up and it has some good replay-ability from learning. Here are somethings to improve on:
1) The isometric view of the camera messes with the depth perception of the player, which makes them miss the "hook", this game really needs to be top down to fix this issue.
2) The hook mechanic, once you get a hang of it is very satisfying, hence its startling to see the button being taken away when the tank gets purple buff. Design wise you are punishing the player for doing exactly what you told them to do in the first round.
3) Since the hook mechanic is more rewarding, we might not even use the shoot mechanic at all.

(1 edit)

Thanks, for the feedback. I want to mentioned that we also has a screen clearing bomb mechanic which use the "color buff" as a resource. I believe this give more strategy/ option to the gameplay. I feels like i didnt communicate this very well. Also we didnt have time to properly implement a tutorial. Kinda regret it because imo it s a core part of the game lol

PS. Spacebar to bomb